Production of machinery and equipment

As far as production is concerned, we are able to provide weldments with machining of smaller dimensions on our own.
Other technologies are available indirectly in the form of cooperation.
We also use MIG/MAG welding technology, which is technically simple, adequately fast and requires little additional material. We also offer electric arc welding using a non-melting electrode (TIG). This offers good control over the welding bath and therefore good precision.
Drilling and threading are also part of our portfolio. Drill presses can also be used for drilling and threading.
These machines can also be used for countersinking holes in various materials.
As part of the production of equipment and machines, we also provide complete assemblies together with our partners. We carry out hydraulic and mechanical assembly independently; we are also able to supply electrical installation in cooperation. We pride ourselves on our wide range of services and a personal approach to all our clients.

  • Megatronic welding machines
  • Fronius welding machines,
  • drill presses
  • Metallkraft benders
  • machines and equipment for the use of mechanical energy
  • general purpose machinery and equipment
  • machines for wire processing of various types
  • elevators including their mechanism
  • screw conveyors for loose materials
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