Locksmithery and assembly

We offer custom locksmith production according to supplied documentation, or alternatively, we provide designs according to documentation created by us based on customer’s requirements. We can produce large-scale orders, as well as one-off orders.
For our clients we prepare gates, fences, railings with the possibility of on-site assembly.

For tube bending we use our own modern NC tube bender by Metallkraft. This can be used to bend copper, steel, stainless steel and laminated pipes.
We can cooperate with clients in the preparation of other technologies.
We also use metal-active gas (MIG/MAG) and tungsten-inert gas (TIG) welding technologies, which allow us to optimize the process in terms of speed while maintaining weld quality.
We also use pillar drills for drilling or threading
We provide the above-mentioned services in all regions of the Czech Republic, as well as abroad.

  • cuttings (laser, plasma)
  • bending
  • curving
  • material cutting
  • drilling – threading
  • machining on horizons/portals/carrousels
  • EDM (electrical discharge machining)
  • annealing
  • blasting
  • varnishing
  • zinc plating
  • Omicron welding machines
  • Fronius welding machines
  • MIG MAG welding
  • TIG CO2 welding
  • Metallkraft tube benders
  • drill press
Complete contact informations
poptavky@dv4ipsum.cz +420 603 818 351

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