Locksmithing and assembly

We offer customer locksmith production according to the supplied documentation or custom design according to customer requirements.

  • drilling
  • bending
  • enclosing
  • cutting materials

We carry out the assembly of the manufactured order throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.


Welding in a protective atmosphere with a state exam

DIN+ČSN EN 287-1, flame welding.

Different materials e.g.: steel Stainless steel, aluminium


Steel constructions
  • beams, load-bearing steel structures
  • steel pipe, needle and shaped constructions
  • round and rectangular steel containers
  • production of steel halls
  • making sports stands
Tanks, hoppers

We specialize in the construction of tower reservoirs and repairs of tower reservoirs

  • production of tanks and hoppers
  • production of water tanks



Mechanical machining

We machine:

  • turning
  • drilling
  • threading

We will ensure

  • Milling
  • Carousel
  • Horizontal machining
  • Grinding
  • varnishing
  • galvanizing
  • blackening
Assembly and Production of Machine
  • machines and equipment for the use of mechanical energy
  • general purpose machinery and equipment
  • elevators including mechanism
  • screw conveyors for bulk materials

Who are we?

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The combination of many years of experience from foreign orders (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) has ennobled us into a company that supplies products for domestic and foreign clients.

We supply our clients with complete products or their parts, piece or series production from various materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, Titanium, Hardox, Plastic and others).

Jaroslav Dohnal
Assistant CEO
Petra Hoňková

First, we plan the production process

Together with you, we plan a complete and specific method of processing, so that the product is produced as soon as possible and most efficiently without quality restrictions.

  • Selection of suitable material
  • Detailed planning according to the documentation supplied
  • Creation of production documentation in case of own design.
  • Handover to production

We prepare the production

Our goal in production preparation is to correctly define the functions directly related to the management of the production itself. We develop technologically efficient solutions for the future product. Within the entire process, we cooperate only with verified suppliers, so we are able to meet the required quality and meet delivery deadlines.

  • Material Allocation
  • Checking the delivered material
  • Human resource planning
  • Specification of production processes
  • Commissioning
  • Production process control

Assembly and Production of Machine

Thanks to the previous preparatory stages, our production is automatic and efficient. As a part of this process, we focus on meeting the quality and expectations of our customers. By a long-term cooperation, we will achieve the desired results.

  • The production process itself
  • Continuous production control
  • Emphasis on quality and time
  • Acceptance and inspection of the product
  • The final product on the way to the customer

Our cooperation


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We operate across Europe

Our base (two branches) are in the Czech Republic, but we are still able to serve our customers across Europe!


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